Impeccable raw materials are the basic prerequisite for the production of our top-quality juices and concentrates. Quality therefore first and foremost means deliveries of fresh, healthy vegetables. This is assured thanks to appropriate agreements with our suppliers. The processing technology used in the next stage aims to preserve the freshness of taste and natural nutrition so far as possible – this is where our years of experience really count.

Protecting against oxidation, gentle heating and rapid cooling are the techniques we apply to preserve the quality.

Quality control

Quality is controlled across all stages: from the raw material and stored goods to finished product throughout shipping. Specifications are established with the suppliers as well as with the customers.

Agreed quality values are checked and any differences flagged up and logged. A state-of-the-art computer system manages the data and makes it quickly available for tracking and tracing. It is not just the quality of our own products that is controlled, but also that of the packaging and the tankers used for transporting.

Quality assurance

Ever fewer manufacturers are producing food for ever more consumers. This brings about greater responsibility and risk. It is vital we ensure our processes are safe and properly documented. The establishment of international standards and regular audits ensure our processes are reliable.


Certificate EU Bio Certificate ISO 50001 Certificate FSSC22000 Certificate Kosher Certificate SGF Certificate "Electricity from water-power"