Our technology and special know-how

We have years of experience and know-how in the production of top quality vegetable juices and vegetable juice concentrates. Our production processes are constantly upgraded. We produce using the state-of-the-art continuous decanter method.

The advantages are
  • a closed system
  • production in an anaerobic system (to protect against oxidation)
  • short throughput times from raw product to juice
  • high carotene yield in the production of carrot juice

Most of our juices are fermented using the minimalist lactofermentation method, pasteurized and then stored in stainless steel tanks. Mild acidification has a positive impact on flavour, making the juices fuller and more harmonious in taste – especially those with a high sugar content. Lactofermentation is a natural method used to obtain high quality vegetable juices. Because this method obviates the need for high-temperature sterilization, most valuable nutrients in the juices are retained. It further prevents any unpleasant smells or flavours as a result of boiling.

Acidified vegetable juices

Juices are acidified to the customer‘s specifications by the addition of either lemon juice or natural lactic acid.

Vegetable juices (sweet, without acidification)

We also produce juices for immediate further processing that are either mildly acidified or non-acidified.

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